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Benefits of Vitamin D

Prevention of Fractures and Falls in the elderly

It is indeed the primary role of vitamin D. Vitamin D combined with Calcium in people aged over 50 years could significantly reduce the risk of fracture. This effect is more pronounced among people aged over 70 years. Other studies show that daily dose of Vitamin D reduces the risk of falls (and therefore fewer fractures) and improves muscle performance.

Against the hypertension and cardiovascular diseases

It is surprising that Vitamin D has pronounced effects on cardiovascular health. People with low level of Vitamin D in their blood have more than twice the chances of getting heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases when compared to people who have high level of Vitamin D in their blood. Clear results are not available regarding the benefit of vitamin D in reducing high blood pressure. Some studies show that combined with calcium it reduces blood pressure and few other studies say that high calcium actually increases blood pressure.

Against cancers

Vitamin D is inversely related to risk of developing certain cancers, including breast and colon. For example, a team of researchers followed over 4 years postmenopausal women who received either a placebo or calcium alone or calcium combined with vitamin D. Women in the latter group showed a reduction in cancer risk by 60% compared to other groups. Furthermore, it has also been shown that the risk of breast cancer is reduced 58% in women whose blood levels of vitamin D is high compared to others with low rates. Colorectal cancer also seems directly linked to vitamin D levels in the blood over the latter, the higher the cancer risk is low.

Boosts Immunity

Vitamin D is an immune system modulator. Regulates both infectious and inflammatory immune system and thereby helps in attaining healthy immune system.

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  1. Thank You so much for posting this wonderful information. The cancer statistics really blew me away! I am creating a squidoo lens on Vitamin D currently so I am doing my research. The past year Vitamin D has been in the media a lot. That has gotten me on my journey. Please keep posting this great info!


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