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Avocado – Medicinal values

Avocado tree is of evergreen type. The composition of avocado is similar to that of milk containing large amounts of quality proteins. It contains more fat compared to other fruits and this fat is free from butyric acid. In addition to that it also contains vitamin A, thus serving as a resistance against any bacterial infection.

Avocado tree

Avocado tree


The fruit is useful in the treatment of various disorders like-


  • It acts as a medicine to clear bad breath.
  • They also remove intestinal decomposition, thus preventing bad breath and coated tongue.


  • The oil of the fruit is used for the treatment of psoriasis.
  • The aforesaid oil must be applied gently to the affected areas.
Avocado oil

Avocado oil


  • The various vital vitamins present in the fruit helps in the cure of various digestive disorders.
  • This fruit along with ripened papaya can be consumed as a staple diet when you have hyperacidity or sore stomach and also for duodenitis and duodenal ulcer.
Avocado fruit - Hass variety

Avocado fruit - Hass variety


  • People with a condition where inflammations occur in the kidneys, which is known as Bright’s disease can use avocado as their staple food since it contains proteins free from poisonous effects.


  • They help in the nourishment of the skin.
  • The oil of the fruit is used in various cosmetics like moisturizers, lotions, creams, bath oils, skin foods, cleansers, shampoos etc.,


  • The fruit must be eaten as fresh as possible, because they get decayed very easily.
  • They must not be stored in refrigerator because they cannot survive the cold temperature.
  • They must be kept in the room temperature and that too for short duration only.
Avocado fruit

Avocado fruit

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