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A Simple Eating Plan for Healthy Weight Loss

If you’re interested in losing some weight, you know that there are tons of diets and exercise programs that you can choose from. There are some great diet plans and exercise regiments, but there are also a lot of scams and bad advice too. You want to lose weight, but you don’t want to take an unhealthy approach or get ripped off while you do it. Exercise is important and you should definitely get regular exercise every day, if you can. You should also maintain a good diet.

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Diet Plan Round the Clock

Instead of going to the bookstore or getting on the Internet to find the latest fad diet, try the following sample diet for healthy weight loss.

Breakfast: Have a glass of water, a whole wheat bagel, two egg whites and a banana.
Mid-Morning Snack: Eat a half can of tuna (in spring water), two pieces of whole wheat bread and a small salad, with a glass of water.
Lunch: Have a baked, skinless chicken breast, a large salad (heavy on the spinach and broccoli) and an apple. Don’t forget to have another glass or two of water.
Mid-Afternoon Snack: Have a protein smoothie and a handful of whole almonds. Top these off with another glass of water.
Dinner: Eat a serving of lean beef or ground turkey, some cooked vegetables and baked potato. Drink a glass of red wine and another glass of water.

This is just a sample day, and you shouldn’t lock yourself into it every day. The key to looking at this sample meal planner is to notice that it is loaded with healthy food choices. Too many of us get locked into the fast food/junk food diet and wonder why we keep gaining weight. If you replace that plan with one similar to the plan laid out above, you will be doing your health a big favor. You can replace any of the choices listed with another healthy alternative.

The real key points you should focus on to eat healthy are:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Eating lean protein and lots of fiber
  • Adding vegetables to several meals a day
  • Eating smaller, healthier portions

If you keep all of these factors balanced in your eating plan, you will be on your way to diet success. If you have a bad day, get back on your diet the next day. Don’t give up on eating healthy – you can do it.

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