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How to cope with Type 2 Diabetes

Forget faddy ‘diabetic’ diets that focus on restricting carbohydrate intake. The diet for those with type 2 diabetes is nothing different from those without it; that is low in fat and high in fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables. Following this nutritious diet approach along with regular exercises helps you to prevent Type 2 diabetes and also you can keep your weight at the optimal level.

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Type 2 Diabetes Tips

Some Quick Diet Tips for Type 2 Diabetes

1. Eat carbs with a low GI (Glycemic index), try to avoid high GI foods completely and also don’t take sugary snacks, especially between meals.
2. Never skip meals.Take regular meals and don’t change your food routine often. In between meals you can take some healthy snacks to have stable blood sugar levels.
3. Eat Low Fat Dairy and also see to that you take lean meat without fat and skin. Try to avoid fried and fatty foods.
4. Take plenty of water. After meals or any foods especially after taking fatty foods drink a glass of hot water. This will melt down the fat and helps in digestion.
5. Alcohol is Ok. Taking small amount of alcohol with foods is ok but it can make you prone to hypoglycaemnic attack if you’re diabetic.

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