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What Is Postpartum Depression?

Have you ever heard of Postpartum Depression and wondered what it was? Do not worry you are not alone, many people have not even heard of Postpartum Depression, let alone know what it is.

So What Is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression is also known as postnatal depression, and is a type of clinical depression that affects women, and sometimes men, after childbirth.

It is not known just how many women Postpartum depression effects, as the rates vary from 5-25%. In men the rates are basically the same, particularly in new fathers.

The sufferer can have some of the following symptoms: irritability, anxiety, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, sadness, and crying fits.



This is probably one of the saddest depressions of all, because in some cases, the relationship between mother/father and the child is effected so badly, that it cannot be repaired in some cases- which leads to further problems.

When Does Postpartum Depression Occur?

Postpartum depression usually occurs when a woman has carried their child and usually in the first few months following the birth. However it may not become apparent until quite a few months later or even year/s.

Child Birth

Child Birth

Why Does Postpartum Depression Happen?

Many people say, ” you’ve just had a beautiful baby, what on earth have you got to be depressed about” However, a person does not decide to be depressed, it is a combination of a number of factors, and an in balance of chemicals in the brain, as well as hormonal changes.

Conclusion: Hopefully by reading this you would have learnt a little about Postpartum depression, and realize that it is an involuntary process.

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