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Sunlight and Depression

Our lives are so packed with activity that we are the most depressed generation in human history. How ironical it is; since all the inventions and developments we enjoy were meant to make life easier. The average person has to deal with work, children, home and school and maintain a social life as well. Some people have to adhere to strict deadlines, demanding clients and jobs that they do not particularly love. Different aspects of life have to be balanced and without this balance one is more likely to get depressed.  For those with busy and demanding lifestyles, there is no doubt that they are more likely to become depressed than those with simpler and less demanding lifestyles. Depression sets in when stress is left to reach levels that cannot be managed. Human beings can only handle so much stress. We get stressed when the bills are due for payment and get depressed when we cannot manage our daily lives to the standards that we have set, when we cannot reach our goals and for many other reasons.

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Enjoying the sunshine

Enjoying the sunshine

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Weather – An interesting cause of depression

Depression can be caused by the change in the weather as well. When it is all gloomy and overcast, one is more likely to get depressed than when the weather is sunny and bright. It is no wonder many people get depressed in winter and the reason why they are happier in summer. As for the ones who living with depression; winter is a risk that may get them into more depression. Since winter is a season that lasts several months, how is someone supposed to deal with the depression caused by this season of the year? The best of solutions are the simplest, since they can be afforded by everyone.

Managing depression

Depression can be managed by expensive treatment options like psychotherapy or with antidepressants or cheaper simple options that are easy and accessible.  The latter ways are effective, but not everyone can have access to them. With antidepressants come addiction and withdrawal symptoms as well as side effects which are not good. Alternative simpler options are better, and more effective. Yoga, massage and exercise are some of them. Interestingly, managing stress can be as easy as taking a sunbath. Sunlight is one of the best ways of managing stress and depression and you may notice increased stress levels when winter sets in since there is no sunshine. The levels of vitamin D in the body decrease when there is no sunshine and this brings about depression. This situation begs the question; how do you manage stress in winter? Are there alternatives to natural sunlight that work just as well?

Dealing with depression in winter

Even in the dead of winter, we still experience some sunlight and you need to make use of these opportunities as often as you can. Take time to bask in the sun during those rare winter mornings when there is ample sunshine. Considering that it is the morning sunshine that is best for sunbathing and the production of vitamin D, this is one of the best ways to go about it. Of course, there will be those days when there is no sunshine and (assuming you live in the North Pole) there is total darkness as well. You can use these other alternatives when you do not have the sun to enjoy.

An alternative to the depression in winter is using a sun lamp. This is one of the best inventions of man; and one of the most effective ways to deal with depression in winter.  Sun lamps are cheap and can be used anytime you feel a tinge of depression setting in. Take 20 to 30 minutes basking near the sunlamp and you will be sure to heat the depression away. This is especially nice for kids and infants, though you have to monitor them when using it. Do not forget to double the use of the lamp with other anti depression tactics like exercise, meditation and yoga. Make time to have a chat with friends and generally maintain a social life to take care of the depression.

Sunlight for depression

As for the other seasons of the year with a lot of sunshine; use all the sunshine opportunities you have to take down bouts of depression when you feel depressed. Summer is a season with lots of sunshine and this time needs a lot of care.  Just because you have a lot of sunshine at your disposal does not give you the carte blanche to bask in the midday sun. The Vitamin D sun is the morning or early evening sun; and not the midday searing hot sun.  When sunbathing, ensure you have a lot of skin exposed to the sun; and this should be done for youngsters as well. Sunshine has been known to treat Jaundice as well as depression. Ensure to use other ways of treating depression along with sunbathing, like dieting, sleeping well and exercising.

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