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Living With Depression: A First Hand Account

There are many articles on the Internet and in books as well, about the causes, signs and symptoms and also the treatment of depression. Sometimes these can come in handy, but much of the time, you have to learn about depression through people’s experiences. So this is mine.



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The Cause Of My Depression:

I am 21 years old currently and have had depression since I was about 17. To this day I do not really know what caused it, only that I just began to feel weaker and not very well. My childhood was mixed in many respects and things happened when i was a child that were bad, and to this day i still remember them vividly. Some of the doctors that i see say this could have caused the depression.

The Signs & Symptoms Of My Depression:

My depression is somewhat complicated by the fact that i also have a personality disorder as well, so it is difficult sometimes to know whether my symptoms are that of the depression or personality disorder. Most of the time though i am able to tell the difference.

The first signs that i noticed was a loss of interest in things. At the time i was at college and found it difficult to carry on with my studies.

I also felt very hopeless and helpless at the same time, which is a horrible combination and in my opinion two of the worst symptoms of depression. You know that you don’t feel very well but feel that helpless that you cannot do anything about it, which then leaves you feeling hopeless.

Feeling Sad

Feeling Sad

I began to alienate my friends as well so i became quite isolated at times. It may sound horrible but when you are depressed you do not have any interest in being with happy, bright people.

Of course these are just a few of the symptoms that i have been through. I don’t think it is possible to go through and describe just how badly you hurt inside, because it would not make sense to anyone else.

The Treatment For My Depression:

This part is yet to be answered because although i feel better than i have been at times, i am not 100% yet.

I take medication on a daily basis and see somebody weekly just to talk through my problems and think of positive solutions.

I would like to think that one day there will be a life without depression, but even if that doesn’t happen maybe i will be able to find a way to control it.

Like I have said, this is just my story- i cannot talk for the many other people out there that go through the same or similar experience.

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