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How to Come Out of Depression

Many of us deal with depression our whole lives, others may suffer fits of it here and there, and some of us may well be tackling feelings of depression for the first time in our lives. The inconvenient truth of the matter is that there’s really no quick-fix for depression. Some people may find that all they really need to do to shake off a deep funk is look at things from a different perspectives. Others may need to overcome long term personal problems and challenges before ridding themselves of depression while others suffer from chemical imbalances or mental disorders that require some form of medication or treatment to work through.



Nobody can guarantee an easy fix to depression, but there are ways to tackle these feelings that may work for some, and other techniques that may work for others:

Proper Health

A method sworn by by most medical professionals, and espoused by spiritual leaders is to simply adjust ones sleeping, eating and exercising habits. By researching nutrition and arranging a healthy diet, by getting a full eight hours of sleep every night and an hour or so of moderate to intensive exercise every day, you may or may not be able to stop depression immediately, but you will at least be building a foundation upon which to fight depression and improve your life.

Fight With Fire

Oftentimes, a person suffering depression may be experiencing a lack of something in their life, leading to feelings of emptiness. For some of us, this could mean some unrequited passion, for others, it could simply be loneliness. Step outside of yourself, make friends at work or at local libraries, coffee shops, shopping malls, wherever you might meet someone. Sign up for a painting class, write that novel you’ve had an idea for in the back of your head, pursue a career you’ve always daydreamed about. You may feel anxious out in public, but simply pushing yourself past that can be the first step to recovery. Having something to be passionate about, and someone to be passionate with, can make all the difference in the world.

Therapy and Medication

If you have the time, and money, for therapy, it can be a big help. Medication on the other hand is a controversial subject and more complex than we can cover here. If you feel that it may be your best bet, then make sure to do your research, read about the various medications out there, their side effects, their success rates and make the decision for yourself. Don’t let anyone else tell you what to believe about anti-depression medication.

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  1. Depression effects a lot of people and it seems to become more predominant with every generation. I found the best cure to just get out and do stuff. The less I think the less depressed I become.


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