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Getting Rid of Your Cold and Flu through Natural Remedies

Natural therapy has gained popularity, though natural treatment has been in vogue since ancient times it has now become popular as it does not have any side-effects like that in other allopath. There are many types of natural treatments for cold – one very famous is steam inhalation with eucalyptus leaves inside the steamed water. It gives instant relief to cold.

Making homemade remedies that would relieve you of cold and flu are numerous – you can make one with the help of ginger, basil leaves, pepper corns, honey. Crush ginger and add basil leaves, pepper corns to it and add water. Now boil this for 10 minutes, when it has been reduced to half add honey and take this mixture after every hour. It would help and soothe your throat and relieve your cold.

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Relieve from flu the natural way

To get relieve from flu the natural way, take steam bath with Eucalyptus, Tea Tree oil and Peppermint oil and inhale the steam. The hot stem would relieve you of congestion immediately. An herb that is very effective is the new olive leaf extract. It is a strong antibacterial/antiviral that can counter bacteria and viruses. This herb is so effective that you fever would be down without the side effects of antibiotics.


Deep breathing or pranayam is the perfect yoga for cold. With the help of deep breathing exercises you get relief from cold. Yoga makes you feel fresh and it clears the passage of nose and through so that you can breather properly.

With herbal and natural remedies you can be guaranteed that there will be no side-effects. You can take some multivitamins that won’t make you feel week, but it is surely that it won’t make you feel that weak as you feel while taking allopathic medicines.

The natural remedies are very easily available as all the ingredients needed in natural remedies are mostly available in your home. So switch to natural remedy and get pure relief.

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