Emotional Sobriety: Getting Back in Balance

Emotional sobriety is essentially defined as a person’s ability to re-calibrate their emotions, and in the process avoid harmful substances and behaviors.

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Decision Fatigue and Ego Depletion – Too Tired to Decide

Decision fatigue, a phenomenon increasingly intriguing psychologists today given the growing culture of endless distractions and over-stimulation, is a term coined by Roy F. Baumeister.

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Color Psychology

Color influences physical and emotional sensations, and in turn behaviors and moods. Color psychology and associated therapies will likely gain respect across a number of settings in society.

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Constructive Criticism for a Healthier Marriage

Criticism from a spouse can be emotionally charged, yet couples caught in destructive communication patterns can foster a healthier relationship by learning how to give and to accept, constructive criticism.

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Staying fresh and active

Ways to Recharge Your Body and Mind

Are you tired of hectic working days or hectic mornings taking care of children? Are you wondering how can you ever take a break to relax for sometime? Then you must read further.

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Schizoid Personality Disorder

Schizoid Personality Disorder: A Complete Overview

People with schizoid personality disorder isolate themselves from other people, and are often seen as loners. They have difficulty in forming relationships and they generally don’t spend time with others.

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Human Memory

Ways to Regain & Maintain Memory…Naturally!

Keep your brain happy by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and food routine, and you won’t have to pause every time you leave home to wonder if you have remembered everything.

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Mental Health

Top 10 tips for Mental health

Simple easy to follow tips that can ease out and bring down your tension and stress levels and thereby keep your mind more healthy and fresh.

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