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Slang Words for Testicles and Penis

Most people learn slang words for testicles and penises at a very young age. The slang continues as age progresses. People should consider the audience when using slang words.

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Sperm - Egg

Why So Many Sperm?

Have you ever wondered why there is such a huge disparity between the number of eggs produced by women and the number of sperm produced by men?

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Why Do Testicles Hang Low Outside the Body?

Why are the testes not located closer to, or even in, the body where they would be much safer from physical harm? Why on earth the testicles are located in such a vulnerable position?

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Testicle size measurement

Measuring Testicle Size

For adults or pubescent males curious about the size of their testes in relation to their average for their age group, a special type of measuring device called Orchidometer is available.

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Man Eating

Male Health Boosting Foods

Men and women have entirely different set of nutritional needs and men should therefore try to include foods that are specifically good for them in order to boost overall health.

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Foods that Increase Sperm Count

If a man finds out that his sperm count is low, there are things he can do to help get it higher. Let’s have a look on some of the best foods for boosting sperm count and fertility in men.

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