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Tips to Hinder Cancer at Every Age

Cancer is the leading cause of deaths worldwide. It is causing nearly 13% of all deaths worldwide. There are more than 100 types of cancer and they can affect almost all parts of the body. More than 30% of cancer could be prevented by not smoking, having a health diet, being physically active and preventing other cancer related infections. It is possible to hinder cancer at every age through simple effective ways.


Cancer - Global Killer

Prevent Skin cancer in the age of 20s

Skin cancer is one of the common types of cancers seen in women in the age of 20s. At least 29k new cases of melanoma (dangerous type of skin cancer) in women are reported every year. This statistics is rather two folds of breast cancer statistics. There are various causes of melanoma apart from the damage caused due to sunbathing. Melanoma can be prevented by avoiding sunburn and by staying away from direct sun rays. Your skin also can get damaged due to reflecting UV rays of sun via water, snow or sand. Hence you must be careful enough to protect your skin while on beach or when you are in water. If you feel changes in your skin you should immediately get it checked.

Prevent Breast cancer in the age of 30s

Women stand a high chance of developing breast cancer in the mid of her 40s and early 50s. Every woman must ensure that cancer is not a part of her near future. At the age of 30, nearly 1 in 2500 women suffer from breast cancer. At 40s, nearly 1 in 200 women may develop it. Though the statistics seem highly scary you need not worry about it. A little bit of change in your lifestyle can make a lot of difference and can prevent breast cancer. If your family has a history of this particular cancer then you must take a test of BRCA1 gene. You must also cut down alcohol consumption rate because each unit of it increases the risk of breast cancer by 6%. Your diet should contain plenty of vegetables and fruits and you should also exercise regularly.

Prevent Bowel cancer in the age of 40s

As the age grows the risk of bowel cancer also increases. 97% of people diagnosed with bowel cancer are over 50. This is one of the commonly observed cancers in UK. Hence if you are in your 40s then you should make sure that you are not developing bowel cancer in you. Having a family history of this disease gives a high chance of developing it in you. Hence you must get screened early which gives you 90% of survival chance. To keep yourself away from bowel cancer you need to reduce alcohol consumption and eat more fibrous food. You must also avoid red meat and keep yourself physically active most of the time.

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