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Six Simple Yet Practical Ways to Effectively Prevent Cancer

Cancer is becoming more common nowadays. The fact is, a lot of cancer prevention early detection guides are out in the market to help people prevent, treat or alleviate the pain of this most-dreaded bodily condition. There is only one key to stop the development of cancerous cells in the body – staying healthy and fit.

Cancer cell

Cancer cell

Mostly, people find it hard to have healthier bodies because it will take a lifetime to monitor their diet and lifestyle. And while others think that being young means enjoyment, they are wrong as cancer mostly develops through negligence. If you are serious in preventing cancer, here are ways to help you live your life to the fullest.

1. Eat the Healthy Kind of Food – this is a very common yet effective way to prevent cancer. Basically, food is very important to give body power to do its day-to-day activities; however, not all kinds of food are good for body’s system. Others may stimulate certain hormones that may also result to unlikely feeling.

The point is you should make sure that the foods you are taking inside your body are healthy. In other words, take only those that are essential and good sources of vitamins and minerals. There are also foods that help cleanse your stomach and colon; they are very helpful in preventing colon cancer or its development. You can read Cancer fighting foods and drinks.

2. Maintain Prescribed Vitamins – one good thing about having yourself checked by your doctor is that you will be given correct prescriptions and vitamins. If you are advised to maintain taking vitamins, do not fail to do so because your doctor may have found out you lack certain minerals and nutrients.

Basically, vitamins are good alternatives to healthy food, although, they can never take its place. However, if you are not eating healthier foods, you may as well take food supplements or vitamins. This way, your bodily needs for nutrients are sustained. There is no direct relation between taking vitamins and cancer prevention; however, people who were found abundant with minerals and essential nutrients are less vulnerable to the development of cancer cells.

3. Change Lifestyle For Good – this is not applicable to everyone as there are already those who have better lifestyle than others. This factor is, however, important for people who have developed bad habits; heavy drinkers and chain smokers are always susceptible to cancer.

Included in this category are those who have multiple partners in life. More often, these are the people who can easily get sexually transmitted diseases as well as HIV/AIDS.

Although, there are people who may have developed cancer because of their jobs, they are also advised to look for yet safer livelihood alternatives. For example, workers who are often exposed to asbestos have higher tendency of developing mesothelioma or lung cancer while those who have frequent exposure to benzene may develop leukemia in the future.

4. Vaccination – when you were a child, you were vaccinated to immunize your body from viruses. This is also applicable for cancer prevention as there are specially-formulated vaccines that serve as extra protection for your body.

Prophylactic vaccines are the ones used to prevent any virus infections. You may have already known that other infections may lead to the mutation of cells resulting to the development of cancerous cells.  This type of vaccine prevents common root cause of cancer instead of treating it.

5. Cancer Screening – this is simply an attempt to detect whether there are cancer cells developing inside your body. Only a few may confirm its importance, however, in medical science it is the very first step in saving any cancer patients. This is the time when doctors suspect cells to be cancerous thus giving the patient further precaution as well as educating him/her what to do to prevent further development.

Early detection is very important for doctors because most cancers can be easily treated when they are in their early stages. You must take this factor seriously especially if you have a history of cancer in your family.

6. Genetic Testing – this process will go down to the very roots of your family to determine whether you have a history of cancer in your bloodline. If your parents have cancer, most likely you will develop the same type. Although, there isn’t clear indication on number of generations till which cancer will be repeated, studies show that even if there is only one person in your family who has (or had) it, there is also a great possibility you can have it.

Genetic testing and cancer screening usually go together but both of them have the same purpose – to prevent cancer and its further development.

The Bottom Line

For this case, it is always better to prevent cancer than to cure it. You should remember that 80 percent of the time cancerous cells are discovered when they have already advanced leaving the doctors helpless in finding solution to treat or get rid of them. And you should also know that an operation will give you just a very small flicker of hope to be saved.

It has already been proven that in order to prevent this dreaded illness, you must start your own campaign within you; you are the first person to take action. There are hundreds of Cancer Preventions Early Detection Guides available online, see for yourself if you can find one that will fit your lifestyle. The most important thing is, you should start caring for yourself now and live your life to the fullest.

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