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Pregnancy After Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is becoming the most common form of cancer that women suffer from and majority of them suffer from the disease during their childbearing years. Generally nowadays many women who have survived from breast cancer want to have children after the breast cancer treatment

Doctors and health professionals around the world stand with the point that women who had breast cancer in past should not get pregnant due to the reason that the estrogen level that increases during pregnancy may also stimulate the cancer cells and this may lead to recurrence. But since most women want to get pregnant doctors are now suggesting to get pregnant at least two years after the treatment gets over.

Let’s keep all these info apart. Here the recent good news. In March 2010 European Breast Cancer Conference was organized in Barcelona and Scientists from different countries concluded with the point that it is safe for women to get pregnant after successful breast cancer treatment and they had various fact sheets proving the same. Actually another interesting fact was that women who suffer from breast cancer increase their chance of survival if they get pregnant. Various figures and reports were shown to prove it. But keep in mind that it’s not right to get pregnant just for the sake of increasing survival chances.

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