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Is it Breast cancer or Fibroadenoma or Cyst?

If you see a lump in your breast don’t get scared of breast cancer, most probably it is fibroadenoma or a benign cyst. This article will help you to understand the difference between breast cancer and fibroadenoma and also cyst. Also covers the symptoms and tips on getting rid of it


Nearly 80% of the lumps that are formed in young and healthy women are benign. Fibroadenoma is a small lump made from glandular tissue and it is quite harmless. The actual causes are unknown but it mostly occurs in women who are in their 20s and early 30s. On the other hand Cysts which have a tender jelly like texture affect women who are in their 30s and 40s. Just a night’s time is enough for cyst to appear. They may also occur pre-menstrually when the breast tissue is lumpier.

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Breast Lumps

Breast Lumps

Get rid of it

Generally doctors’ advice to leave fibroadenoma as it is if it doesn’t bother you much. Most of the time they stop growing after a couple of years and nearly 10% clear on their own without any treatment or medication. If it’s paining and bothering, diagnosis should be done and the doctor might suggest minor operation for removal.

Ultrasound method is used for confirming the formation of cysts if you’re under 35 and for older ones mammogram method is used. Skin specialists can drain the fluid if it becomes uncomfortable.

Time to Investigate

Even though breast cancer is pain-free generally and slower growing than fibroadenoma or cyst, it is always better to get checked as  soon as the lumps form to be on the safer side. If you notice unusual changes in the shape, size or feel of your breast or some puckering, dimpling or redness or nipple discharge then consult your doctor without delaying. Not only these sometime without any significant changes your breast may be just painful and you may experience discomfort in just one breast.

Keep all these symptoms in mind and act accordingly.

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