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Weight Gain is Health’s loss

Over weight and obesity is becoming a common problem all over the world. Overweight has become the reason for lots of health problems and thats the reason and the reason why so much attention is given. Heart disease and cancer are more likely to occur for those who are overweight. Researches have shown that in our body, the fat cells release a hormone called ‘leptin’, which actually sends signals to the brain to cut down fat in accordance to its level and in people who are obese, this signaling seems to be defective due to various genetic reasons. Researches conclude that genetics, diet, exercise patterns and culture of living accounts on the whole for the overweight.

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Weight Gain Symptoms

  • Fatigue.
  • Enlargement of stomach, buttocks, thigh, wrists etc.
  • Saggy breasts in case of women.
  • Man boobs for men.

If you feel that you are getting tired often or if you have any of the above  symptoms then it would have been due to sudden weight increase. Get a weighing scale and check.

In Women

  • Various researches say that the best weight for women is that weight what she weighed at the age of 18.
  • The risk of heart attack increases to about 4% for every increase in weight of about 2.5% in the case of women, but still it is a very small risk.
  • Women gain weight with every baby, but recent researches say that pregnancy’s effect is modest only and women gain weight as years pass by.
  • For every pregnancy, black women gain an extra 7 pounds and 4 pounds in the case of white women.
  • Black women gain more weight over the years when compared to white women.
  • Girls can eat about 1800 to 2000 calories per day before puberty but once they reach the age of 55, they can eat only 1200 calories a day in order to maintain the weight.
  • Women who gain 10 to 40 pounds in middle-age have a seriously increased risk of suffering a heart attack.

Weight Add-ons

The below data tells you how much pounds a women gain based on child birth. It’s based on 5 year study.

Black Women Gain

  • 12.79 pounds if they had no pregnancy
  • 19.40 pounds if they had one baby
  • 10.80 pounds if they more than one baby

White Women Gain

  • 5.95 pounds if they had no pregnancy
  • 9.92 pounds if they had one baby
  • 7.28 pounds if they more than one baby
Obese women

Obese women

In Men

  • In thin men, death rate due to heart disease is 40% lesser than that of heavier men.
  • Men become overweight mainly due to consumption of excess alcohol in most cases.
  • Other causes for overweight in men include excessive intake of fast foods which mainly include red meat.
  • In a survey conducted by American experts, about 76% of men around the age of 20 and above are overweight and 35% are obese.
  • Black men gained more weight over the years when compared to white men.

Weight Add-ons

The below data tells how much weight do men between 18 and 30 gain based on a 7 year study.

  • Black men – 17.63 pounds
  • White men – 13 pounds
Overweight man

Overweight man

Healthy Height Weight Range for Women & Men

Height and weight ranges mentioned are without shoes and clothing.

  • 91 – 120 lb (4’10’’)
  • 94 – 124 lb (4’11’’)
  • 97 – 128 lb (5’0’’)
  • 101 – 132 lb (5’1’’)
  • 104 – 137 lb (5’2’’)
  • 107 – 141 lb (5’3’’)
  • 111 – 146 lb (5’4’’)
  • 114 – 150 lb (5’5’’)
  • 118 – 155 lb (5’6’’)
  • 121 – 160 lb (5’7’’)
  • 125 – 164 lb (5’8’’)
  • 129 – 169 lb (5’9’’)
  • 132 – 174 lb (5’10’’)
  • 136 – 179 lb (5’11’’)
  • 140 – 184 lb (6’0’’’)
  • 144 – 189 lb (6’1’’)
  • 148 – 195 lb (6’2’’)
  • 152 – 200 lb (6’3’’)
  • 156 – 205 lb (6’4’’)
  • 160 – 211 lb (6’5’’)
  • 164 – 216 lb (6’6’’)

Body Mass Index (BMI) Range

BMI value may not be within limits for athlete’s who have rigid muscles and for physically challenged people, which is normal and nothing to worry about.

  • Normal weight – 18.5 to 24.9
  • Over weight – 25 to 29.9
  • Obesity – 30 to 39.9
  • Extremely obese – 40 and above

Problems that Obese people face in Society

  • Women definitely pay a price for being obese; they are more likely to lose their socio-economic status independently of their families.
  • The effects of obesity on men were more modest.
  • Overweight certainly leads to discrimination in the society, which is a very bad thing.
  • Children and teenagers (especially girls) are made fun of and get humiliated. Obesity may cause stress and permanent depression for them.

Tips to lose weight

  • Overweight is less likely to occur in people who eat food items low in fat and rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
  • Along with proper diet exercise should be done.
  • Eat slowly so that brain has enough time to signal when you are full.
  • Too much of salt in the diet must be avoided.
  • White bread intake must be minimized.
  • Carbonated drinks must be avoided.
  • Do not sleep soon after eating and getting to bed late night should be avoided.
  • It is advised to drink hot water instead of cold water.
  • Even though certain people control weight without exercise, people are advised to exercise in order to burn the fat. With regular workouts you can minimize the risk of heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes and even some cancers can be prevented.

Personal note for Obese People

  • Psychotherapists have done various experiments and have come up with a finding for people who are not able to lose their weight and is that, ‘the art of learning to like you even if you cannot lose weight’, a treatment infact to ease the psychological suffering that obese people come across.
  • Most of the overweight people are tend to put much emphasis on their looks predominantly and so by doing that, leading to ignorance of various other good qualities in themselves.
  • One should not judge himself by how much you weigh everyday, which is not the way to live your life.

Have You Heard?

  • In a recent research study that helps in explaining one of the givens of obesity-which the body has a weight that it naturally gravitates to.
  • All people, fat or thin, adjust their metabolism to maintain their weight.
  • Various researches have found that the body burns calories more slowly than normal after weight is lost and faster than normal when weight is gained.
  • Effect on metabolism rate is independent of age and sex.

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