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Watermelon for Weight Loss

Watermelon is the favorite summer fruit when the body is perpetually parched and there is no better thirst quencher than the delicious watermelon. Apart from quenching the thirst, watermelon is one fruit that is highly recommended especially for people looking at losing weight the healthy way. This wonder-fruit is also effective in treating a number of other medical conditions like diabetes, colon cancer, asthma and arthritis. It has abundant nutrients that are suitable keeping the weight under control. Watermelon can be had in any form i.e. in pieces or as a juice for keeping a check on the weight. There are also various recipes that can be tried out to add some variety to consuming watermelon everyday.


Watermelon for Weight Loss

High water content in watermelon

Watermelon is comprised of 92% of water that is the key for effective weight-loss. On consuming watermelon the stomach feels full for a long time and thereby the hunger pangs and binge eating that is a major reason for diets going haywire get controlled effectively. Consumption of watermelon makes one feel full but does not add to the fat intake.

Low calories in watermelon

Watermelon has just 6% sugar and hence does not add up to the calorie intake even when taken in large quantities. The science of filling up the body with water without calories and yet making the person feel full is referred to as “volumetrics” and it is this principle that is followed in watermelon diets for losing weight.

No cholesterol and fat in watermelon

Watermelon has no cholesterol and no saturated fat that make it ideal to have in large quantities. The quantity one consumes depends on the weight one intends to lose. Say an average calorie intake is of 150 calories/ounce. Supposing the consumption is of 3 ounces then the calorie intake becomes 450 calories. Replacing these 3 ounces with watermelon would give only 8 calories/ounce thereby saving 426 calories/day which would be effective in bringing down the weight by approximately 3.7 pounds/month.

Arginine in watermelon

Watermelon has an amino acid called “arginine” that is very effective in avoiding absorption of dietary fat in the body and also helps increase lean muscle. Amino acids are building blocks of proteins that are very essential especially during weight loss. Generally arginine is produced in sufficient quantity by the human body but in certain conditions, like when trying for weight loss, the person may need to increase his intake of arginine via the diet consumed.

Lycoprene in watermelon

The rich red pulp of watermelon is rich in “lycoprene” that is basically a carotene. Lycoprene has anti-oxidant properties that helps in removing free radicals from the body. It has also got anti-cancer properties. Thus a regular intake of watermelon can keep weight under control and the body free from cancer cells. It is one fruit that is loaded with multi-vitamins and has multi-nutritional properties.

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