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Vitamin B12 Injections for Weight Loss

Studies analyzing the effectiveness of Vitamin B12 have not been able to give conclusive evidence that Vitamin B12 (in any form) could help in weight loss. But…

When it comes to losing weight it can often seem like the products promising results are endless, but real success on the scale is rare. A relatively new option in the weight loss world is the injection of vitamin B12. Supported by many celebrities and weight loss clinics, B12 shots could give that extra something many dieters are looking for.


Weight Loss Injections

What is the need for Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is essential for a number of reasons. It promotes efficient and fast transmissions in the nervous system and supports blood cell function. It is an important nutrient for energy, alertness and brain function. Typically, the source of vitamin B12 is food. Foods rich in B12 include fish, meats, dairy and certain cereals. In some people, absorption of vitamin B12 is impaired and supplementation is required via injection or pills. The elderly, those on restricted diets, and those with certain medical conditions are all at risk of low vitamin B12 levels.

How does Vitamin B12 help Weight loss?

Vitamin B12 is believed to aid weight loss by increasing metabolic rate, which speeds up the biological processes in the body. A faster metabolism can lead to increased fat burning rate. It is also thought to combat depressed mood and increase energy levels, encouraging the dieter to be more active. A person who is tired all the time is far less likely to exercise enough to maintain a healthy weight. Similarly, a person who is feeling down or depressed is less likely to get out and be active. B12 shots are thought to be preferable to pills for weight loss because they are more effectively absorbed into the body. Pills have to be processed and digested in the stomach first, while the shots do not.

Studies analyzing the effectiveness of vitamin B12 have not been able to give conclusive evidence that Vitamin B12 (in any form) could help in weight loss. As is the case with all diets and weight loss products, commitment on the part of the dieter and a healthy diet combined with exercise are also necessary to achieve results on the scale. For those who have a vitamin B12 deficiency, weight loss is generally more significant after the shots due to the significant increase in energy provided.

How are Vitamin B12 Injections Administered?

Shots are typically administered on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, but administration schedules can be flexible to meet individual patient needs. They are usually available at weight loss clinics or from a personal physician. Shot prices range from $40 to $70 a week after an initial consultation running around $200, in which a full physical examination will be performed.

Are the Injections Safe?

Even large amounts of vitamin B12 are unlikely to be harmful, but can counteract or react with some medications, so medical advice should be sought before beginning a B12 regimen. Some known side effects of the injections are:

  • nausea, diarrhea, vomiting
  • pain at the injection site
  • headache
  • rapid pulse, wheezing (rarely)

For more information on vitamin B12 shots, consult a qualified medical professional.

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