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Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

Overweight has become a major problem, particularly in this decade due to changes in food routine, work culture and lifestyle. The reason why so much importance is given is because overweight and obesity leads to many other dangerous illnesses. This article covers five effective tips that will help you to shed all those extra pounds.

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Fat Loss

Fat Loss

1. Plan your diet

You can spend time pre-cooking meals for the days to come, this will prevent hungry feeling and you won’t grab the wrong foods out of convenience. It’s really important to have an eating schedule for every 2 or 3 hours. This method keeps your metabolic furnace burning and will reduce energy spikes.

2. Get up earlier

Just get up 30 minutes prior to your usual time. Spend the 30 minutes by doing some cardio exercises. This is the best time to burn all those extra calories and also a great healthy way to start the day. For the first few days you may find it little hard to get up, but in few weeks you will really start loving it.

3. Kick out the tempting foods

Have a clean kitchen that has no tempting foods. Though there are other members in your house, try to avoid the wrongs foods as much as possible. In most cases your children may love it so you have to restrict yourself. Make sure that your food routine doesn’t affect your kids. Also start taking more fat busting foods that will help you to shed fat little quicker.

4. Drink plenty of water

Don’t confuse thirst with hunger. Next time when you feel hungry out of your eating schedule, think a minute whether you are actually thirsty or hungry. Drink a full glass of water and get back to your seat. If you still have hungry feeling then just eat a handful of nuts. Also read Water therapy for Weight loss.

5. Schedule training

Scheduling your training is as important as scheduling your appointments. You don’t need be too strict in framing your fitness plan. Just decide how much time you want to exercise per day and what all the exercises you’re going to do. Once you’re able to finish your workouts regularly for few months, you can revise your fitness plan to a bit harder one.

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  1. Getting rid of the tempting foods was the hardest part for me, especially ice cream!


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