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Reiki for Weight loss

There are so many ways of getting rid of the extra weight you have been carrying and it seems everyone has his own opinion. There are no absolutes when it comes to lose weight as some may work and some won’t. With the less active lives we live in the 21st century, our world has become plagued with diseases of all kinds; most of which are weight related. All these are caused by a natural preference for comfort e.g. preferring to take a cab over a distance that you can walk or sitting all day in your office while eating a lot of sugary foods. Diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and even cancer have a link to weight gain. Now; you do not have to be told that anyone with a lot of extra weight and an undesirable BMI rate has a higher chance of getting cancer. This is an international epidemic and the ages of cancer patients are reducing day by day.

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Reiki Meditation


Dealing with weight issues

Dealing with weight related complications has become an international pastime thanks to the epidemic proportions of obesity and its related illnesses. There are many ways of losing weight and one of the most basic is diet and exercise. This is accompanied by a total lifestyle change which is the hardest part for many who have been used to sugars and processed foods all their lives. Many people who have lost weight with diets and exercises find it hard to change their lifestyles; especially when they use the quick solutions that the internet is famous for. There is another way of going round the weight issue; one that will make you healthy in the long run and this is Reiki meditations.

Meditation medication

So, what exactly is Reiki meditation? This is a form of meditation that use Reiki power. It is guaranteed to help you lose weight- as long as you open your mind to it. Weight loss will make you healthier and more confident of yourself and your abilities in the long run. It is a form of exercise too; which is simple and designed to increase the circulation of blood in your system. You do not have to have an instructor when doing this meditation; it is cheap as you do not have to hire help to perform it. For those who believe in self healing, this is a way of healing yourself. Here are the instructions on how to perform Reiki meditation.

How to perform Reiki meditation

First of all, set realistic goals on what you want to achieve by the time you have lost weight. How much weight do you want to lose in the long run? Of course, if you want to lose some little weight so that you fit into a certain party dress, you need not worry so much about this part as the weight is little. For those who want a complete overhaul of their lives by losing hundreds of pounds, figure the amount weight you want to lose per week and be as realistic as you can. The idea behind meditation is to enable you to take little steps into the achievement of your weight loss dreams. So, be careful not bite more than you can chew. Write them down and figure out the time you will need to lose the weight.

You will need a mantra that goes with this weight loss dream for example if you have decided that you want a loss of 3 pounds in a week, you need to have the mantra “I want to lose 3 pounds per week and 60 pounds in the next five months.” Add mantras like “I’m feeling so confident of myself” and “I’m beautiful” or “I’m healthy”. You are allowed to get as creative as you can here.  Studies have shown that you are what you think you are and once you say these things to yourself over and over again, your physical self follows.

After this, you need to find a flat place to sit down. Make sure your back is straight and your back is not stooped. You can sit on a chair or sit on the floor, with your back straight. Clear your mind of all the thoughts that bother you. Have a blank mind and place your hands on your laps. You can vary this position by sitting on a pillow on the floor and crossing your legs and putting your hands together. Keep quiet and take time to meditate on what you will feel after losing weight, Reiki energy will burn the fat in your body and reduce your weight. Water and jewelry are known to absorb Reiki energy so take time before taking a shower. Avoid jewelry as well.

Meditation has a way of helping you to control your cravings. One reason many people fail in their weight loss endeavors is they fail to control their cravings even after they have lost weight. Once you have these cravings in check; you will be on your way to a slim healthier body.

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