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Pakistani trick to lose weight

In Pakistan women follow a peculiar kind of trick to lose weight and stay slim. What’s that? They tie a string permanently around their forearms and that’s the trick. Doctors say that when a gentle and constant pressure is applied on the forearms, it stimulate certain glands (thyroid, suprarenals) that are responsible in weight control.

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How to tie the string to lose weight? – The Pakistani way

  • Take two rubber bands and wear them on your right forearm. Place the rubber bands one third of the way up between wrist and elbow. The two rubber bands should be together – no need of space between them.
  • The rubber bands should make you feel some significant and gentle pressure without cutting your blood circulation and it should be tied properly so that it doesn’t slide or tear when you move your arms.
  • You can have it round the clock. Don’t need to remove when you sleep or during night time. Also it’s better to avoid wearing jewelry or any other bands on your right arm.

It’s just a simple method that is followed by Pakistani women. Consult your doctor before trying this method.

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