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Obesity Treatment through Hypnosis

The major causes of obesity is the ‘food addiction’. Most people seek a solution to their psychological problems or adversities of life in food. Some others are not able to resist the temptation to eat tasty food even after having enough during meals. The treatment of obesity through hypnosis can be helpful to both these types of people.

The psychiatrist takes the fat patient into a deep trance (a state, after that the person is told to avoid food items causing obesity or sub-consciousness).

After recovering consciousness his liking for sugar, biscuits, cake, sweets, and other carbohydrates would disappear and his appetite would be reduced to some extent. The conscious mind of the patient follows those suggestions. After recovering from the hypnotic state when he goes home he finds that he has developed an aversion for the above mentioned carbohydrates foods. In this way bad eating habits can be taken care of.

In some cases the suggestions have to be repeated from time to time. As long as the effect of the suggestion lasts, the patient has no problem. But the effect of the suggestions should not be too intense so that the patient develops aversion to food altogether. This might lead him to starvation of deficiency in the body.

If the patient himself overcomes his problems and tries to solve them then it is much better. Dieting under the hypnotic suggestion is a passive act and the patient has no active participation in it. However, in rare case, where a patient is suffering from a psychological disorder or is unable to reduce his weight due to his weakness to resist the temptation to eat, hypnosis can be employed under the care of experts. And it is only the expert who can decide if the hypnosis is required or not.

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