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How to lose weight fast?

Obesity is a very common problem and the most common question asked by most of the obese persons is, how to lose weight fast? In this article we will discuss on how is it possible to lose weight fast.

There are many medicines and pills in the market that claim that you will be losing 10 pounds in 7 days with guarantee. Let me tell you that some of these pills can really reduce your weight as they claim. But there are some issues. Due to this very fast wait loss some problems are seen in the body. The most common issues are the formation of gallstones, losing your muscles, losing hair quickly and quick injuries to your vital organs like heart. So, we can say that you can lose weight fast but there are many terrible side effects which may ruin your life.

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To lose your weight safely, you need to do the give continuous and right efforts. Here I am giving you some really simple and basic tips that will be helpful for every obese person:

Control your Diet: You should just stick to your breakfast, lunch and dinner. There should be no snacks and other fast food items between your meals.

Calories Count: Every person have different need in terms of energy or calories. But there is a formula that can be used by everyone without worrying about your calorie count. Only take your food when you feel real hunger. Drink water before the meal and in the middle. When you feel that your hunger is 70% satisfied, then stop eating. In this way you will only be taking the quantity of food that is necessary for your body.

Exercise and Walk: Daily and regular exercise is must for you. If you cannot do exercise or weight training, then start the habit of regular walking. You need to walk continuously for about 30 minutes, every day. You can choose the time yourself. But morning or evening time is best. If you cannot go to park, you can even walk in your lawn or in your room with treadmill. Just walk wherever you do.

Take Fiber Rich Food: You should consume foods rich in fiber. Fiber helps to retain required quantity of water in your digestive track, increases the efficiency of your digestive system and as a result helps you to lose weight and look slimmer. A good quantity of your food must contain fiber. Whole grains have lot of fiber.

The above mentioned tips are very basic and will help everyone.

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