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Habits of Naturally Thin People

Ever wondered how certain people stay thin no matter what they eat. These thin people eat whatever they want and still manage to stay slim, and this makes many think on how they manage to do it?

Worry not, as the ‘secret’ of these people staying thin is not in what they eat, but actually in ‘how’ they eat and ‘when’ they eat! Most often people who are looking to lose weight end up ignoring the little habits which could have helped them achieve the desired weight without having to go on any kind of diet. In fact, these simple changes are so effective that they can be very well incorporated into one’s day-to-day routine.


Thin vs Fat

Following is a list of some simple habits that thin people practice and practicing these can help people in burning away those stubborn calories without having the need to join a gym or resort to any kind of diet:

Effective Morning habits

First thing in the Morning: What many people don’t realize is that they can start their weight loss the very moment they wake up. A simple exercise done on waking up from sleep can help a person burn 10 calories! All he/she has to do on waking up from sleep is to sit up without using the hands and with the legs stretched out, this is to be followed by leaning forward till a gentle stretch is felt in the back and hamstrings region. After holding this position for a few seconds, the person can lower down and get back. Rest is recommended before performing this action two more times to strengthen the core.

Protein Breakfast: A simple yet astoundingly simple habit that can help a person lose weight successfully is to have an adequate protein filled breakfast. An adequate protein breakfast not only helps the body in staving off any pre-lunch hunger pangs, but also helps it in losing weight.

Effective 9-5 Habits

Snack smart: Snacks is where most people tend to go over the board and end up gaining weight! A smart way to snack is to distribute the day’s snacks into tiny portions and pack them up into small zip bags for later consumption, or what one could do is just buy a single serving snack to avoid the temptation of continuous snacking. Also, it’s good to substitute preferred snacks with a healthy version such as a low-fat variety of chips and cheese and a grilled instead of fried variety and so on.

Walkie talkie: According to research conducted by the prestigious Mayo Clinic it has been found that heavy people sit for two and half hours more every day as compared to thin people. That is why getting up and moving every time when there is a call is an excellent idea to lose weight as it helps to burn up 50 calories or even more.

Chair squats: Chair squats are a great way to lose weight for those who spend a lot of their time in offices, moreover squats are also a great way to tone the lower body muscles. A simple way to do chair squats is to just pretend like sitting and getting up without using the hands. The proper way of doing chair squats would be to start by lowering the hips and not bending the knees forward and at the same time the body weight should be on the heels. A total of 15-20 repetitions during the day should help burn around 20 calories.

Apples are the thin man’s best friend: Apples help in losing weight as they are packed with fiber and water, which keeps the stomach filled up, thereby keeping the hunger pangs at bay. In fact, researchers in Brazil have found that people who ate around 3 apples or pears a day lost more weight as compared to others who didn’t take apples.

Office walk: Ever noticed how that thin colleague in the office are always buzzing around, flitting from one corner of the office to another while getting their work done. Certain habits such as walking up to others in the office instead of e-mailing them or taking the stairs instead of the elevators can help burn about 100 calories per day!

Napkin test: Deep fried, greasy food items need not be pushed out from the plate for fear of gaining weight! Instead a person can just gently press them with a napkin, which helps to take away anything between teaspoon to a tablespoon full of oil from the food item.

Effective habits of thin people while eating out

Tasty soup: Ordering clear soup before the meal is a great way of reducing weight when eating out. Choosing to order soups before a meal is a good method to fill up the stomach so one eats less when the main course comes. Moreover a soup is a great alternative to those deep fried starters!

Fruit Salad v/s Ice cream: Instead of ordering a calorie laden ice cream as a dessert, a fruit salad with a dollop of flavored yogurt on top of it seems like a great idea for those trying to lose weight. Might not be a high calorie saver but to some extent it’s better.

Interesting habits of thin people

Remote is out of reach:With an average TV show having at least 8 breaks, keeping the remote little far will result in some physical activity. Stretching to get the remote every time an ad break comes on and holding the position till the show comes on will help burn around 25 calories.

Restricting drinks: People who are thin make it a point to avoid the cocktails as they tend to contain a lot of calories as opposed to say a beer or glass of wine, both of which contain 140 and 130 calories respectively.

Play time: Playing with the Frisbee or a friendly game of soccer for an hour with the neighborhood kids can help burn about 200 calories!

De clutter the Pizza: People who are thin make it a point to order their pizza’s with less or no cheese as it helps them cut down about 100 calories as compared to those who eat a cheese pizza.

While these are just some of the many ‘secret’ habits of thin people, following them would make weight loss a certainty.

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