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A Woman’s Guide to gaining weight in a healthy manner

You have probably not heard of an article or website encouraging women to gain weight in any manner or form whatsoever. All we ever get to hear is how women should focus on having slimmer or leaner bodies and how that is the healthy way. But in today’s world, the fashion is shifting to having a more healthy body rather than just a slimmer one and by healthy, we mean better bodies that are healthy and look attractive as well.

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Healthy and Fit

In fact, there are a lot of people, especially women who are underweight and they just can’t seem to find effective ways to gain a few pounds. Well, here are some tips that can prove to be useful for your weight as well as for your health:

1. Healthy Calorie Intake

First thing first, do not pay any interest in ads that advise you to miss meals or any such things because that is for women looking to lose weight and secondly, that is not the healthy way either! Instead focus more on gaining weight the healthy way by taking in more healthy calories; don’t forget that what you eat will have an effect on your skin as well so eat healthy calorific foods that will help you gain weight and will not negatively impact your skin.

Make sure you increase your calorie intake by 500 to 1000 calories (any way that works well for you) but you must also take into account your daily eating routine and your metabolism rate. Most slim people have a very fast metabolism rate that does not allow them to gain a single pound. But you can get past that by setting your eating schedule in such a way that you eat several small meals throughout the day that incorporate healthy and calorific foods.

2. Gain Muscles, Not Fat

Having better bodies requires you to gain a few pounds but also to make sure that it is not entirely in the form of fat. Your focus should also be on gaining some muscles and that you can do by incorporating exercise in your daily routine. For your purpose, you need to do some weight lifting because these exercises focus more on building muscles in the body. Doing some weight lifting exercises will also help you to incorporate some nice curves in your body figure so that should be a good incentive for all ladies to move to the free weight lifting section of the gym!

3. Take Nutritional Supplements

Another good idea is to incorporate good dietary supplements and mineral supplements to make sure that you are also getting all the minerals and vitamins necessary to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Another very important fact is to reduce your daily stress to a minimum because stress actually helps to reduce weight and that it not what you want. Stress produces a hormone called Cortisol which encourages the muscles to grow less and that can hamper your weight gain strategy. Stress can also cause your body fat to remain where it is rather than being replaced by muscle. So relieve your stress any way you find comfortable, go for a walk, take a hot shower and take care of your health!

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