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BiPolar disorder patient

There are a number of different symptoms which can accompany BiPolar Disorder. The beginning stages of BiPolar can be minimized with medication. The symptoms grow in severity as the person becomes increasingly disconnected from reality. This reality is distorted from what is actually taking place. I have learned the repercussions of BiPolar from watching my brother suffer from not taking his medication. The hardest part of this disease is felt by those who love the person struggling with this disorder, but ignore what is really going on.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder and Depression

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BiPolar is tough because it makes some out to be monsters. These monsters like my brother really do want to stop but can’t without help. I have heard it all from my brother from the I am feeling well so I no longer need my medication. My mother was sick after she had me. My Grandparents made the choice to blame my father instead of getting her medication that would have allowed her to function like a normal human being. In the end she ended up in a assisted living residence. Today she does not go outside, She just sits in her apartment smoking cigarettes and waiting to die.

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