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Useful Baby Skin Care Tips

Baby skin is so delicate and soft and for proper baby care you need to know about the needs and requirements of your baby. You must know what is good for the baby skin and what is not. In this short article, I will share some useful tips that every mom should know and also follow.


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Select the right baby skin products

There are many products available in the market that are meant for baby skin like lotions, creams, oils, soaps etc. Please note that baby skin is very sensitive and you must choose the products that have low or mild concentration of harsh and concentrated chemicals. Also don’t use strong moisturizers. The main tip is that only use the products of reputed companies for your baby skin.

Don’t give daily bath to newborn

It is not recommended to give bath to newborns daily especially during winter season. Also don’t use too much of soap as it may cause dryness of baby skin. After giving bath you should use a clean and soft cloth. After that you should apply a light moisturizer on the skin.

Nappy rash

Due to frequent use of nappy, there are chances of occurrences of nappy rashes. These rashes may be produced due to the use of low quality nappy or if the nappy is not changed on time regularly. A good quality cleansing product mixed with warm water should be used to clean the bottom body parts of your baby. You can also apply a good talcum powder. It is observed that alcohol based cleansers can trigger skin irritation, so avoid them.

Factors triggering skin irritation

There are some environmental factors that can cause and increase baby skin irritation. The most important factors are exposure to strong sunlight, exposure to strong winds, exposure to dust, dryness of skin due to some baby products. The best way is to cover your baby properly using the right type of clothes in every season.

Itchy skin at night

Sometimes, babies have an itchy skin during night. In this case apply a soft cloth, dipped in cold water, on affected skin area. After that use a good soothing moisturizer.

Choosing baby clothes

The baby clothes should not be tight. Loose clothes are essential for proper air circulation and to prevent skin from sweating. When buying clothes make sure they are machine washable and they dont have any special instruction regarding detergents or bleaches. Don’t buy clothes with too much of buttons or straps because the baby will start bitting them and you may end up in trouble.

Hope these tips are useful. You should also know about about general baby care and baby care accessories, like baby jogging strollers, bath tubs etc.

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