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How to reduce Exercise induced asthma

Is asthma hitting you during morning jog? When doing physical work do you suddenly start gasping air? If the answer is yes, then you may have exercise induced asthma. But don’t worry. You’re not alone. Nearly one in ten people have this type of asthma. In 1984 Olympics, nearly 20 percent Olympians suffered from exercise induced asthma.

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How to get rid of exercise induced asthma

Close your mouth: While exercising if you open your mouth to gasp air, back of your throat gets dried and cool, and this triggers asthma. So please shut your mouth and breathe through nose only.

Go for swimming: Swimming is the best exercise for asthma. Due to the high humidity your mouth doesn’t get dried. But if you’re not a great fan of swimming, go for basketball, tennis and golf which are also equally effective.

Go slow: Don’t start your exercise session like a horse with high speed running. First do some warm up exercise, then little jogging and gradually increase your speed. See to that you are able to breathe in equal intervals.

Carry medicines: Always have asthma medicines in your gym bag. Take your medicines 15 minutes before start. People with exercise induced asthma mostly use short- and long-acting beta2-agonist bronchodilator inhalers. Cromolyn sodium (inhalation) is also used widely.

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