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40 years, end of golden age ?

Though the age 40 announces the beginning of a new life, scientists say it also marks the beginning of the decline of our brain. According to a British study, our memory and mental capacity starts declining after 40-45 years.

At the British Psychological Society in London, Researchers say that our responsiveness, our ability to concentrate and our memory power starts to decline significantly from the age of 40-45 years. From this point onwards a steady decline continues each year until the age of 80.

Is Forty years the late golden age?

A team of psychologists conducted a series of tests on about 2,282 healthy volunteers aged between 18 and 87 years. Cognitive ability test were conducted to evaluate the memory (such as remembering names and faces), the reaction time to specific situations and the ability to concentrate and forming decisions.

The test results say that beyond 40, reaction time is 10 to 15% greater when compared to fifteen or twenty years before. The ability to concentrate and remember faces are lower and it gets difficult to recollect relevant memories.

Can’t get the name ?

At an evening with friends at a cocktail party, you meet someone who probably knows you somewhat well. But despite all your efforts, you can not get his name instantly and this may even turn a embarrassing situation. You get confused with other names and it takes sometime for you to get it. While the brain mechanism responsible for this decline is not yet identified, the most reasonable theory is the possibility of loss of nerve cells required for communication via neurotransmitters.

How to keep your brain fit?

Regular Reading, working on crosswords and puzzles and an active social life helps to maintain your brain’s fitness at high levels.

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