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15 Ways to live Long and Young

1. Make nutrition a habit

nutritionTake fishes regularly to reduce the risk of cardiac death. Nutrition is not only consuming low fat diet and it is something beyond it. Not all fats are bad fats. There are both good and bad fats. Consuming more fruits (5 or 6 a day) reduces the risk of heart disease but most of the old people don’t follow. Make a habit of consuming nutritious foods. Try to change your food routine slowly as it cannot be done over night.

2. Exercise Regularly

walkingBeing active is the best way to keep your body healthy and young. According to a  survey one third of people between the ages 55 and 75 are inactive and its half when the age is above 75. Small exercises such as a 15 or 20 minutes walk is sufficient. Walking is the best exercise for heart. If you are in 50′s or early 60′s you can climb stairs instead of using lift. Go to nearby shops by walk instead of vehicles.

3. Supplements to use

supplementsConsuming Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta carotene helps in keeping you young. Generally in people over 50′s or 60′s there are problems of deficiency and memory loss. So they can take Vitamin B12. Vitamin E which is present in nuts and oils reduces the risk of cancer. Vitamin E is also present in lots of other foods. Taking calcium regularly protects you against osteoporosis. Spinach is a very good source of calcium.

4. Check your weight

check weightRegularly stand on the weighing scale. This helps you to maintain your weight. Many start worrying after they have gained pounds. Don’t let this happen. A 15-20 pound rise also adds risk.

As you grow old the metabolism rate comes down. So you have to cut the calorie intake. At 50 you should not take the same amount that you took at 25.

5. Strengthen your bones

strong bodyNowadays many women are affected by osteoporosis. The main reason is the hormonal change which starts a decade before menopause. During that period the bone density reduces and hence they should consume more Calcium and vitamin D.

Hormone replacement therapy can be done but instead you can do it naturally. Milk is a very good source of calcium. On the other hand men are not immune to osteoporosis. The ratio of Men getting osteoporosis is lower than Women but men are also affected after 50. In case of women it is one in two but in men it is one in eight.

6. Periodic Checkup

doctor checkupI have seen many people who don’t like to see doctors. Checkup doesn’t mean you are unhealthy. It is just to keep you healthy. Annual blood pressure checkup guards you against cardiovascular and kidney problems. You can prevent pneumonia by getting a pneumonia vaccine. You can also detect cancer and diabetes at a early stage so that you will never regret and you will be safe.

7. Restrict liquor

no liquorI agree that one or two drinks a day is good and one can reduce risk of heart problems and stroke. If you don’t have this habit then don’t start it. Exercise and nutrition can give you the same benefits. Why I am saying this is because many people cant restrict the alcohol intake.  When you are young your body will manage but as you become old alcohol will affect your body very seriously. Drinking a glass of alcohol at the age of 40 wont affect you but it may affect at 70 because your metabolism rate goes down. Women consuming more amount of alcohol have high risk of breast cancer.

8. Say bye to smoking

no smokingAbout one in two deaths is due to heart problem, cancer and stroke. Smoking is the main cause for this. Kindly say goodbye to smoking if you want to live longer. You could have tried to quit and you would have failed. No matter the next attempt may work. Don’t stand near to people who are smoking because you may inhale without your knowledge.  Don’t stay in smoke filled room.

9. Track you drug intake

track drugsAs we grow old we start consuming lot of drugs due to many complications.

The problem with ‘poly pharmacy’ is that the drug interact with with the food we consume and creates side effects. In many cases impotence arises due to side effects of drug and alcohol intake. Keep a regular track of intake and if you feel any changes in your body then consult the doctor immediately. He may suggest some alternatives.

10. Manage Stress

stressStress management is a very important aspect of staying young. Each age group has some sort of stress. Retirement doesn’t keep a person away from stress. Chronic stress leads to heart problems, cancer development and ulcer due to improper digestion. Stress also causes memory loss. People who live long manage stress very well. Several ways are there to manage stress but exercise is the best. If you are a middle aged person you can still practice less intense yoga asanas.

11. Drive safely

safety drivingMany men between 55 and 65 die due to accidents and the rate is double when compared to women of the same age. Its mainly due to poor sight and hearing problems. As you become old reflex actions becomes slow.

Restrict driving for short distances and use the safety belts while driving. Daily morning you can do a 5 minutes meditation to have better concentration.

12. Think like a teenager

brain workingWhat do young people do? They try new foods, grow pets, do gardening, play music instruments.You can also do all these. You can play puzzles or other indoor games with your grandsons.

Play music instruments that you like. This will keep you energetic. My grandfather loves to play guitar and we all enjoy watching him.

13. Keep it White

white teethMany people get artificial teeth as they become old. If you have your own teeth then you are lucky. Go for regular dental checkups and thorough cleaning should be done twice a year.

Do flossing and brushing daily to keep your teeth white. Oil pulling cleans your teeth and strengths your enamel. Oil pulling even cures tooth ache. If you don’t treat your teeth properly gum disease may occur and this may infect your heart.

14. Get Adequate sleep

good sleepAdequate sleep is essential for proper functioning of immune system and cardiovascular system. Each person requires different hours of sleep depending on their body conditions.

Maintain a regular sleeping routine. Reduced sleeping time leads to weight increase and also leads to high stress levels.

15. Socialize

socializeWhen your free attend your friends birthdays parties and other get-together. Nowadays there are lots of social networking sites which you can make use of.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Try to follow and stay healthy and young forever.

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