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Acne Prevention Tips

Acne is a common problem for teenagers. Acne is mainly caused due to increased hormonal activity. It causes embarrassment and lowers self-confidence. Instead of trying any acne treatment after it occurs, you can prevent it by trying some easy tips. This article covers simple guidelines that will help you to prevent and manage acne effectively.

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Isopropyl rubbing alcohol: Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is very irritating to the skin. It strips the top layer of the skin and may actually cause the oil glands to secrete more oil in an effort to maintain balance. This can result in dry, red skin and can cause more pimples. It’s better to avoid products that contain alcohol as one of its main ingredients. If alcohol appears among the top four or five in the ingredients list then you have to avoid that product.

Moisturizers: While choosing a body moisturizer make sure it is non-comedogenic. Apply lotions sparingly. It is sufficient to lightly cover the entire surface of skin where needed. If applied more it doesn’t provide additional benefits and may clog pores.

Fragrances: Allergic and irritant reactions on the face are caused mainly due to the fragrances. Some of the common fragrances that cause irritation are musk, ambrette and cinnamates. Many fragrances are available that are less irritating and safe even for sensitive skins. Before you start using a product regularly, first test it. To test if you are sensitive to any product, apply a small amount repeatedly on the wrist and see. If no redness or irritation occurs then you are safe and you can continue using the product on your skin.

Eye creams: Heavy creams may clog pores and produce milia. A Milium (plural milia) is a tiny keratin-filled cyst that appears under the surface of the skin. Greasy eye creams and eye makeup removers may promote or cause acne in the surrounding areas such as cheeks and forehead.

Dandruff Shampoos: Dandruff often accompanies acne. If your scalp seems oily and is slightly red or flaky, use a dandruff shampoo that contains zinc, tar or salicylic acid.

Make up: Choose make up products that are non-comedogenic. This term will let you know that the product has been tested and demonstrated not to promote acne and help keep your pores clear.

Hair Products: Hair styling products should be applied correctly to prevent them from making any harm to skin. Hair spray, gel and mousse may increase acne if they get on the skin. While applying hair products cover the skin adjacent to the hairline. Also, avoid applying hair care products during exercise because perspiration from scalp can carry them onto your skin and contribute to breakouts.

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