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Tegretol (Carbamazepine) Mood Stabilizer

Tegretol is a medication used to treat acute mania and bipolar disorder. It is effective in treating both depressive and manic symptoms as well as stabilizing rapid cycle mood changes, similar to Depakote.

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Depakote (Valproic acid) Mood Stabilizer

Depakote, known generically as valproic acid and divalproex sodium, is a mood stabilizing medication. Actually in the family of anticonvulsants, Depakote is used in the treatment of moderate to severe bipolar disorder.

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Tone Facial Muscles

Exercises to Tone Facial Muscles

Is aging catching up with you? Is crow’s feet developing around your eyes? Are your jowls beginning to sag? Are you getting a double chin? You are not alone.

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Sepia Homeopathic Remedy for Women

Sepia (Sepia Officinalis) is a homeopathic remedy used to treat reproductive and hormonal imbalances. It is derived from a substance produced by the cuttlefish (a mollusk) when it is under threat.

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Homeopathy Medicine Preparation

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a group one therapy, along with osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and herbal medicine, which means it has its own diagnostic approach and treatment method.

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Weight Loss Injections

Vitamin B12 Injections for Weight Loss

Vitamin B12 is believed to aid weight loss by increasing metabolic rate, which speeds up the biological processes in the body. A faster metabolism can lead to increased fat burning rate.

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Car Sickness

Tips to Avoid Car Sickness

The reason that car sickness occurs is because the brain detects a conflict between what you see and what you feel. Your eyes tell that you are sitting still inside the car but your inner ear tells that you are in motion.

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Sacha Inchi - Plukenetia volubilis

Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis)

Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis) is an amazing little fruit native to the (Peruvian) Amazon Rainforest. Also known as Inca Peanut, the oil derived from the seed offers incredible health benefits.

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At What Age do Perimenopause and Menopause Occur?

Menopause is the natural transition to a new liberating phase of life that begins with the end of cyclic functioning of ovaries and also the menstrual periods.

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Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Jojoba oil is found within the seeds of the jojoba plant. This waxy substance offers a range of health benefits that makes jojoba oil quite useful.

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Sexual intercourse

What Happens during Sex

Sex is regarded as the deepest form of physical and emotional connection. The process is a result of a series of hard-wired biological responses within the brain that stimulate the sexual organs of male and female bodies.

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Mint Tea

Mint Tea Side Effects

Are you certain that you want to finish that cup of mint tea? Keep reading to learn about the often-overlooked side effects of peppermint and spearmint teas and tisanes.

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Baba Ramdev - Kapalbhati Pranayama

Kapalbhati Pranayama Breathing Exercise

Kapalbhati pranayama has been known for its wonderful benefits. See how to perform Kapalbhati pranayama and its various benefits. It makes body and mind feel relaxed and hopefully be disease-free.

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Car Sickness

Car Sickness and How to Avoid it

Those of us who suffer from car sickness have likely come to dread the prospect of a long ride on the road. Car sickness is more likely to occur in people who have a genetic predisposition for this condition

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To put off doing something

Benefits of Procrastination

Procrastination is not unhealthy. In fact, it can be very beneficial. Being aware of one’s abilities, limits, and goals can prevent failure and improve progress and success.

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Pregnant Lady

Pregnancy Sleep Tips

During pregnancy, your sleep will undoubtedly be interrupted by bathroom visits, a kicking baby, leg cramps, and the inability to find a comfortable position. However, there are a few things that may help you attain the optimal amount of sleep.

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Look Younger

How to Look 10 Years Younger

With everything that comes at you in your life, you might want some tips on how to look 10 years younger. Following tips will help you look 10 years younger and ensure that you can show aging who’s boss!

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Home Remedies for Snoring

Although snoring is the subject of many jokes, it’s not always a laughing matter for those who snore in their sleep or their bed partners. There are a number of home remedies that can help to reduce or eliminate snoring.

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